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  Stylish Bags & Accessories Handcrafted from Recycled Materials
Toronto, Ontario (June27, 2006) – On the heels of the thriving organic movement, eco-fashion is gaining momentum in North America. Much of the surge of consumer interest is due to the fact that the latest eco-fashion products place equal emphasis on quality and style as they do with environmental benefits.

  Bazura™ Bags (www.bazurabags.com) is a social entrepreneur that is proving that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. The Toronto-based company has launched a line of high quality bags and accessories handcrafted by a women's cooperative in the Philippines from colorful discarded juice containers that would otherwise clutter landfills, fields and streets in their community. While the company has a compelling environmental and social story behind the product, Bazura Bags were carefully designed to be chic, high-quality, functional, durable and stylishly colorful.
  The line of Bazura Bags introduced to the U.S. features more than 80 styles that serve many functions. The company’s most popular designs are coin purses, messenger bags, lunch bags and purses. New styles include camera and cell phone bags, key chains, placemats, cosmetic bags and fruit baskets. The fun collage of colors that are the signature of the Bazura line are derived from the attractive labels of the juice containers they are made from. The eye-catching brand labels feature slogans and exotic fruit names like "Sun Glo" and “Zesto.” The recycled juice containers also impart a hint of fresh fruit scent.
  By transforming "basura", the Filipino word for garbage, into a unique collection of eco-chic bags and accessories, the innovative business venture reduces litter, keeps millions of juice containers out of crowded landfills and conserves resources that would otherwise be used to make bags and accessories from virgin materials. The social story of how these unique bags support the livelihood of less fortunate women and their families is equally compelling. The sewing cooperative that began with six women has now blossomed to more than 500 members. Half of the employees work full time at the Co-Op which pays school children to collect over 50,000 used juice containers per day after school. The containers are washed, sanitized and expertly stitched into a wide variety of bags, accessories, home furnishings and footwear that are exported and sold in over 15 countries around the world."We hope our bags will inspire others to recycle post-consumer products into beautiful utilitarian items," says Larry Duprey, founder and President of Bazura Bags. "The positive economic and environmental impact on the Filipino communities we work with has been profound," adds Duprey. Bazura Bags retail from $5.00 to $40.00 and are available at stores in the US and Canada and online at HYPERLINK www.bazurashop.com. For more information about the company and its social mission, please visit www.bazurabags.com.

Trendy Totes Ensure Guilt – Free Shopping

Bazurabags now available in the United States

  September 1, 2005– Bazurabags - the newest fashion trend in handbags - are sweeping North America and putting shopper’s money towards a good cause. Made entirely out of sanitized juice containers, a less-fortunate group of Filipino women have created a one-of a kind accessory that puts glamour into recycled goods. Made especially for the ahead-of-the-curve girl, these trendy totes give flavour to fashion and support to fair-trade.
“Basura” means ‘garbage’ in the Philippines. The Bazurabag is symbolic of this meaning – taking garbage and turning it into something fashionable and fun.

 The Filipino women saw an opportunity in the millions of juice containers hitting landfills every day. These women decided to transform this ‘trash’ into a collection of eco-chic handbags for the fashion forward female, and create a living for themselves in the process.

 With absolutely no start-up capital and only the assistance of the local village council, six women set up a women's cooperative 'Livelihood' project. Today, the co-op has more than 500 members, with 250 working full time on the project. The Co-op pays school children to collect over 50,000 used juice containers per day. These juice containers are then washed, sanitized and processed into a wide variety of bags, accessories, sandals, and home furnishings. These products are now exported and sold in over 15 countries around the world.

 Bazurabags are anything but basic and are available in a rainbow of colours and various shapes and sizes, perfect for the girl-on-the-go. Take them to the beach, on vacation, or just out for fun in the sun. Bazurabags are designed for trend setters of all ages. Their stylish flair makes for the perfect accessory while paying tribute to the sprit of giving to a good cause. For the first time, the joy of guilt-free shopping can be celebrated with one accessory.

 Bazurabags retail from $5 to $40 and are available online at www.bazurashop.com. BazuraShop offers the largest selection of Bazura products in the world with over 80 styles available!

The Latest Bazurabag Fad: Imported Indian Vintage
  October 19, 2005 – Bazura, the company that brought us recycled juice totes from the Philippines, has just come out with a new line of bags that redefine second-hand chic.
Vintage Bazurabags are made by women in their homes in India. The bags are constructed using vintage textiles from local tapestries and blankets. It is a tradition in India to re-use these rich materials that are beautifully embellished with handcrafted embroidery and/or mosaics of sequined beadwork.

  These ready-to-wear bags are anything but basic and are available in various shapes and sizes and an assortment of rich colours like black, burgundy, forest green, pink, and apple green. The ethnic flavour evokes personal style and an eye for quality that is sure to have people asking where you got such a great find!
  Vintage Bazura Bags retail from $14 to $35 and are available across Canada and online at www.bazurashop.com. E-mail info@bazurashop.com for a location near you!




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