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Over the past few years, BAZURABAGS have achieved remarkable success as fundraising items.

Parent associations from both public and private schools as well as environmental groups, seniors residences and youth clubs have organized successful fundraisers using BAZURABAGS.

These different groups have used a variety of methods to market our bags. The more popular methods are described below:

- A group buys a set of samples, usually one piece from each style of bag offered. They display the bags often at different events and exhibit them in permanent locations like school showcases or storefront windows. The group then takes orders for the bags; either a deposit or full payment is made when an order is taken. After a previously designated cut-off date, the group places their orders with BAZURA.BIZ and when they receive the bags, they arrange for delivery to their customers.

- Some groups buy quantities of the various bag styles then sell them directly to consumers at special events. In most cases, they sell out of their inventory! At this point, they revert to the first method and start taking orders.

- To increase sales, some groups have produced sales catalogues and flyers using photographs of the bags from the BAZURA.BIZ web site.
BAZURA.BIZ has established a special system to assist fundraising for legitimate charities.

All orders for BAZURABAGS are filled on a C.O.D. basis but we agree to take back any unsold merchandise and we will refund the full price of each item returned by a fundraising group.

BAZURA.BIZ also works closely with each group to assist them in their choice of products and marketing strategies. The fundraising groups who have worked with us are very satisfied with this service and many of them have offered to give us a performance reference. We can provide interested groups with a list of previous BAZURABAG fundraisers.

BAZURA.BIZ looks forward to working with more groups in support of their fundraising efforts.



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